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AAA Locksmith New York is a certified locksmith service for all lock services including lock installation, deadbolts and other mechanical or electronic locking devices to safeguard homes, businesses, vehicles and other properties. We can also modify or repair such devices, rekey locks, make duplicate keys or cards, generate or program new keys or cards for locks whose keys/cards have been lost and respond to emergency calls to unlock vehicles, homes and businesses that have been locked accidentally, or whose locks have malfunctioned.

When a new or replacement locks is required, AAA Locksmith New York can provide the best assistance in determining the correct types of locks needed based on the security risk/exposure, life safety application and frequency of use. We can install locks and security devices using manufacturer’s templates and/or using industry specifications, by cutting or drilling the proper opening in the selected location with small hand tools or power tools.

Regular Basis Contracted Services

AAA Locksmith New York also provide contracts with many businesses, hotels, motels and apartment complex to provide new master key systems, reset combinations and rekey their door locks on a regular basis.

high standard of qualification

Our staff meets high standard requirements of qualifications: precise and detailed work, mechanical and mathematical ability, good vision, spatial perception, eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. We are trainned to provide high understand of lock and key specifications, operating manuals and other written or oral instructions as necessary. If you need a locksmith that is guaranteed to be patience, honest, ependabile, accurate and with the ability to get along with you, you have reached the right company.


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