your best choice in security services

Our main focus is to be your best provider of security services and to contribute to the safety and security of everyone. We hope we are big enough to be of value to the community and small enough to care about the people we serve. We have experienced support people on staff who are knowledgeable security product specialist. Our product specialists can answer product questions or provide a complete system solution for you. We can save you time and money on all your security needs.

No one else offers our complete solution, spanning intelligent video solutions, data retrieval, advanced security, communications and trace detection technology for any facilities. And while safety is the ultimate priority, AAA Locksmith New York recognizes the reality of tight budgets and the value of using existing infrastructure. We can help you integrate the latest security technologies with equipment, control centers and IT systems you already have in operation.

securing you home

AAA Locksmith New York provides customizable and reliable property protection systems that let homeowners design a comprehensive system that will give them – and future owners – peace of mind. Door and window sensors, CCTV, surveillance video recorders, gates and window gates, access control door and lock, and much more.

Bonded and Liability Insured

A Locksmith should be bonded and liability insured. Ask for policy numbers, you might be surprised how many will not have one. New York City requires that anyone doing any type of lock work must posses a locksmith license, which requires their fingerprints and a background check. Also, any job totaling $200.00 parts and labor, New York requires a State Contractors license.

high standard of qualification

Our staff meets high standard requirements of qualifications: precise and detailed work, mechanical and mathematical ability, good vision, spatial perception, eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. We are trainned to provide high understand of lock and key specifications, operating manuals and other written or oral instructions as necessary. If you need a locksmith that is guaranteed to be patience, honest, ependabile, accurate and with the ability to get along with you, you have reached the right company.